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Grid-tied inverters

Win Power grid-tied inverters are designed for small and middle sized small wind turbine grid-tie power system,with power ranging from 2 kW to 20KW, including MPPT single phase inverters, on-grid/off-grid/ battery integrated single phase or three phases inverters,which would be available for different grid-tied systems.

  • WWGI Series 5KW

    ▪ Controller&Inverter integrated system

    ▪ High efficiency

  • WWGI Series 10K

    ▪ Controller&Inverter integrated system

    ▪ High efficiency

  • 30kW Wind & Sol

    ▪ Controller & Inverter integrated
    ▪ For both on-and off-grid system

    ▪ Support grid and diesel charge

    ▪ Inverter power: 30kW