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Win Power offered 3404pcs products again for INNER MONGOLIA “Electric Engineering”

Release time:2014-11-10   Click:3909

On November 10, 2014, our company successfully completed thep roduction tasks of 3404pcs wind solar hybrid controller with inverter for "Inner Mongolia power (group) the limited liability company in 2014 to upgrade the rural electric reform project of new energy power" . The controller with inverters are used in Bayannnur and Xilinhot city, Inner Mongolia respectively.This is the third consecutive years of our company to offer wind solar hybrid controller with inverter for Inner Mongolia new energy electricity engineering.

Product Name
Wind Solar Hybrid Controller with Inverter
Model No.
300W wind power, 300W solar power, 24Vdc battery banks, 
1kVA output power, 220Vac 50HZ output
The combined wind solar hybrid controller with inverter can not only charge your battery banks but also output AC power for your load at the same time. It has overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, over heat, short-circuit, reverse-connection and other protect protection functions. Its inner parts include charging main circuit, inverter main circuit, control circuit, detecting circuit and other auxiliary power. 
The charging main circuit is made by turbine rectifier circuit and anti-reverse circuit of photovoltaic to battery and dumpload circuit. Inverter main circuit uses the whole bridge structure as topology, drive part includes dumpload drivers and inverter drive. Detection circuit includes battery voltage detection, ac output voltage and current detection, temperature detection and signal detection of inverter switch.
In a word, the cheap wind solar hybrid contoller with inverter with superior performance will help the system stable and reliable.


Detailed Specification is as following: