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Small-sized Wind Generator Companies Make Efforts on Japanese Market

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Small-sized wind generator company in China are continuing working on Japanese wind market. According to the latest info, Shanghai Ghrepower Green Energy Co., Ltd. (Ghrepower), ranks in the front of the wind generator field in the world, will publish onshore wind generators exclusively for Japan. Qingdao Anhua New Energy Equipment Corporation limited (ANE) , a manufacturer of wind generator, is also panning to set 100 sites for wind generator installation in 2019.

According to the industry insiders, wind generators with output power more than 20kW can be classified as large-sized wind generators, and those with output power less than 20kW as small-sized wind generators. 

At present, Shanghai Ghrepower has expanded its business to more than 20 countries worldwide including Italy and US, and recently developed goods towards Japan market. In June, it will publish a kind small-sized wind generator with 19.2kW output power, whose evaluation on the effects on the surrounding environment can be finished in 3 months. 

Besides Shanghai Zhiyuan, ANE, who sold its wind generators in Denmark and Germany, has set the goal that obtain 200 pcs wind turbine generator system order in Japanese market. It entered Japan since October, 2017, and has sold about 40 pcs wind turbine generator system already. 

According to the materials from Japan wind power association, the maximum capacity for Japan’s domestic wind power generation is about 3.03 million kW, but it is planned to be added to 10.9 million kW by2020, and 36.2 million kW by 2030.

Japanese government has published its fifth energy basic plans in July, 2018, and has pointed out the strategies of supporting wind power generation. In Japan, wind power now accounts for only 0.6% of the total power generated. But government has put forward the goal that increase the proportion to about 1.7% by 2030.

Professionals said that Japan is the most important small-sized wind generator market worldwide. Even though its land is narrow, opportunities to set in the gaps remains broad. 

According to fixed price acquisition system on renewable energy of Japan(FIT), the acquisition price was 55yen/kW in 2017, and was decreased to 20 yen/kw in 2018. but it is still appealing compared with that of other countries.

More enterprises like Orix Japan and Tokyo electric power holdings begin to enter the wind power related field. But in some device fields, Japanese enterprises are still absent. Not long ago, Hitachi has announced to exit the independent production of wind generators. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Japan Steel Works(JSW) have already withdraw from onshore wind generation device production. 

In wind generation field, there are China’s domestic factors behind the fact that Chinese enterprises enter Japanese market. Woodmachenzie, a famous consulting institution, showed that in 2018, China’s new added wind generation capacity is 20.07 million kW. It is estimated that the figure will reach 21.95 million kW by 2021. It has a slight increase compared with that in 2018, but the increase speed is slowed down compared with that in 10 years ago. Default on renewable energy subsidy and adjustment on the fixed benchmark price has caused Chinese companies’ investments in renewable energy to fluctuate. In the context of this, Chinese enterprises in the field of wind generation has to pursue for new profit points by exploring oversea market proactively.  

Some people think, if Chinese wind generation company can have a good performance in developed countries like Japan, it will be helpful for its products to enter the market of  emerging countries. 

However, Chinese small wind generator industry itself also confront serious situation. First, there is no government subsidies for small and medium-sized wind power products , which has affected domestic market demands. Second, The decreased price, stable government subsidies and good generation performance of solar power products has impacted greatly the domestic and foreign demand for wind power products. Small and medium-sized wind power products entering Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries need to be tested and certified by the country concerned, which sets up technical barriers for market access to all countries, affecting the export of products. Last, the cost for wind power products is still high. Customer’s needs for lower price make it more difficult for suppliers to operate.  

After the small wind turbine, whether China''s large wind generator manufacturers fully into Japan has become the focus of market. European and US companies such as Vestas of Denmark and General Electric of the US now control more than half of the large wind generator market in Japan.

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