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In 2017

2017.05 Be in charge of drawing up National Standards of Wind Turbine with Permanent Magnet Disc-free Generator

2017.04 Obtain a patent for a wind turbine controller with dual input, patent number: ZL 2016 2 1023634.X

2017.02 breakthrough on 36KW on grid PWM full control rectifier is successfully applied in Japan

2017.02 Obtain a patent for power frequency inverter, patent number: ZL 2016 2 1027220.4

2017.02 Obtain a patent for the main circuit of the medium and small wind turbine rectifier brake, patent number: ZL 2016 2 1010835.6

In 2016

2016.Wholly owned as a subsidiary of Hefei Win Power Co. Ltd. ,Hefei Dingyou Electric Co., Ltd. , pass through high-tech enterprises evaluation

2017.2016.11 Obtain a patent for wind turbine brake circuit with self-sustaining relay, patent number: ZL 2016 2 0583678.1

2016.10 Introduced the new MPPT wind and solar hybrid street lamp controller products

2016.09 Introduced a centralized small fan grid-connected power generation system, successfully applied the PWM rectifier controller batch

2016.07MPPT wind and solar hybrid controller from 1kw to 5kw series, a number of points power curve settings are accessible to users.

In 2015

2015.04 The 10th anniversary of the establishment of Hefei Win Power Co.,Ltd..

In 2014

2014.11 Successfully support 3404 sets of wind and solar hybrid control inverters for the Inner Mongolia "power project"

2014.10 presided over draft upNational Standards of Small Wind Turbine Controller" and participate in drawing up other standards at same time

2014.06 A major breakthrough was made in products performance, developed new controller that Bluetooth communications, buck charging, touch screen display and server monitoring are available

In 2013

2013.04 Successfully support 4592 sets of wind and solar hybrid control inverters for the Inner Mongolia "power project"

 In 2012

2012.12 Acquire the certificate of Anhui Province software enterprises  

2012.12 Great breakthrough in abroad, supplying a total of more than 5,000 sets of wind turbines and grid system turbine control system to France.

2012.04 Hefei Dingyou Electric Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Win Power is established

In 2011

2011.09 Be awarded as "Science and Technology Giant Nurturing Enterprise"

In 2010

2010.10 Obtained invention patent for "a set of rectifier, unloaded in one of the main wind power generation", patent number: ZL 2010 1 0287873.7

2010.06 low-voltage rechargeable lamp controller was awarded the Ministry of Science and Technology of small and medium-sized technology innovation fund

In 2009

2009.11 Identified as the high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province

2009.11 Win Power pass the evaluation as high-tech enterprises

2009.09 Got the ISO9001 quality management system certification

2009.06 The third generation of wind and solar complementary controller was available. A low-voltage charging controller was developed, greatly improving the overall efficiency of the wind power system

In 2007

In September 2007 wind and solar hybrid street light controller products  are comprehensive upgraded, aluminum enclosure was adopted which means the realization of  fine manufacturing.

In 2006

In May 2006 Acquired the patent for "wind energy, solar power control inverter integrated power" , patent number: ZL 2006 1 0085885.5

2006.04 launched specifically designed for street lighting system wind and solar hybrid street light controller

In 2005

In April 2005 , Win Power is established