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Short term goals: Strive for being world -class small and middle sized supplier of wind power and PV power enquipment.

Core Values :

Attitude: steadfast and sureness

Sureness works, take works seriously. Do not be impetuous.

Optimistic and openning mind:

Strategically dispise the difficulties in the work, positively face the complicate challenge.  

Tactically cooperate with colleagues sincerely and devote to solve problems

Aims:happy environment and win-win situation:

Emloyees work happily, customers satisfied ; boarders benefited ; driver of China and innovation process


There are exceptional use virtuous talents; cultivate those untalented but virtuous, Limit use of those talented without virtue,and never recruit those untalented with no virtue.


Connect employees with enterprise’s culture; regulate human nature with systems and achieve our best in career.


Work is to make a living and furthermore to achieve our self value.


Quality is enterprise’s life, and products are our characters.


 Devote all the resource to focus on to be best in one area


Creat value for customers

Development concept:

Integrate all resources that can be integrated to create a sustainable strong enterprise.


Company LOGO:



First meaning:

Our Logo consist of two parts , the red circle on the top refers to “power”,while the “W”underneath means our English names “Win-Power”and also represents the first two letter of “Wei Ming”which is our Chinese names.  Wholly speaking, it represents for Win Power.
 Second meaning:
The red circle on the top means “sun”, while the “W”beneath refers to “Wind”,which means Win Power started from new energy power as solar and wind power equipment.
Third meaning: Red color represents a vigorous and innovative enterprise. And green color means we dedicated to green environmental-friendly new energy industry.
Fouth Meaning:
The logo includes one focus with four basic points. The circle refers to focus on economic development,while the four basic points are research, market, quality and management.
Fifth meaning:
The logo is round outside and square inside which refers that we should adjust ourselves to the changing markets and stick to our long-term strategy unwavering.