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5kW Wind Power Grid-tied System

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5KW wind power grid-tied system integrates inverter and controller, and has a complete monitoring system. It is mainly applied in distributed wind power generation. 

System Structure


Products Recommendations

 Wind power grid-tied inverterWWGI50   


► Grid-tied inverter for wind power generation.  

         ► MPPT track point settable 

         ► Complete protection functions 

         ► RS232/RS485/GPRS Monitoring modes optional. (For GPRS communication device, it can be monitored by app on Mobile phone.)

      More details, please refer to >>>

  Wind TurbineWE-50 


   ► Low start wind speed

   ► Low running vibration

   ► High wind energy conversion efficiency

   ► Three-phase AC permanent magnet generator.  

    More details, please refer to>>> 

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