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Director Xu of Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau Visit Win Power to Guide Work

Release time:2018-12-26   Click:132

As Win Power has made remarkable achievements on developing a series of small wind power standards and participating in drafting international standards IEC62257-7-2 in past years, director of municipal quality supervision bureau and his delegation organized a visit to our company to guide the work on the afternoon of December 26th

At first, Zhang Weimin, the general manager of Win Power, introduced our standardization work situation in detail. Both Director of the bureau Xu Jinggao and Head of department Wan Hongmei have given sufficient affirmation on it, and showed that the government encourages enterprises to undertake the international, nationwide and provincial professional work, to enhance the universality and representativeness, and to guarantee the scientificity and impartiality of the standards. Municipal quality supervision bureau would commit to “Pacemaker system” of national enterprise standards , cultivate some enterprises with comparative advantages on standards level and choose some pacemaker of enterprise standards. Director Xu suggested our company should seize the development opportunity based on our own situation, and open new space for development at a higher quality level so that we can lead the small wind power industry to a healthy and rapid development. 

Finally, our general manager and related colleagues extended our gratitude again to Director Xu and his members for their visit. Win Power, with long term’s accumulation on experience and technology, will regard improving and leading the quality as the starting point, proactively push the standardization work , and firmly implement standardization strategies to make contributions for creating an innovative brand with international influence.