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Some Small Tips for Wind Power Generation System Match

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 Some Small Tips for Wind Power Generation System Match

How to decide wind generator power?

Generally speaking, the load can be divided to 3 kinds, resistive load ( such as bulb, water heater and television), capacitive load ( such as switching power supply), and inductive load ( drive motor, washing machine, water pump, and air conditioner). The total load power = resistive load power + capacitive load power +3* inductive load power. Then the total load power times 1.2 equals to the wind generator power needed. For example, 1 pc 800W air conditioner, 3 pcs 60W bulbs, and 1pc 200W television. The wind generator needs (800*3+3*60*1+200*1)*1.2=3336W. If local wind resources is abundant enough, or the load use time is shorter, you can choose wind generator with a lower power which can also satisfy the electricity demand.


How to match appropriate inverter?

If there is inductive load in the system, sine wave inverter should be used. If there is only resistive load and capacitive load, correction wave or square wave inverter will be good enough. The counter electromotive force of inductive load decides that correction wave and square wave cannot be used for it.  While for capacitive load, it needs higher peak voltage drive which correction wave and square wave can provide, so there is no need to use sine wave.

When choosing inverter, ensure the max output power higher than the total power of all load appliances. ( inductive load power should be load power times three.)


How to decide battery capacity?

For off-grid applications, batteries are needed. The capacity of the battery can be accounted according to following formula:

The total capacity of battery =( daily load consumption time * total load power * 1.67)/Battery voltage. For example, for a 48V system, the total load power is 800W, and it is used for 6 hours everyday, wind generator power is the battery capacity should be (6*800*1.67)/48=167Ah. The actual configuration should be a little higher than theoretical value, so the total battery capacity should be 200AH. There are two choices, the first one is using a 200AH, 24V battery, and another is using 2 pcs 100AH,12V in series.

Note: battery capacity should not be too high, as long time floating or not charging full will affect battery lifetime.



1. Battery should be put in dry indoor environment with a stable temperature. Its surrounding places should keep good ventilation.

2. Connect batteries in series. The method is : connect the positive pole of the first battery to the negative pole of the second battery.

3. Smear grease or other anti-corrosive material on all cable connector. Install fuse on the positive pole of the battery. Besides, in order to avoid electromagnetism interference, the conductive cable between battery and controller should less than 3m. 

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