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WGIT Series 30KW Wind Power Grid-tied Inverter

Release time:2020-06-22   Click:560

WGIT300 is wind power grid-tied controller&inverter integrated machine with MPPT function. Wind turbine rated input power is 30KW. Three-phase grid-tied inverter power is 30KW. It looks concise and can be easily operated. The inverter has a wind turbine yaw control system, which is suitable for outdoor installation.

System Diagram


  • Controller&Inverter integrated system (only for wind power generation)

  • MPPT included, and 30 points settable

  • AC short circuit, surge, anti-islanding, over-temperature, overvoltage, overload, etc. protection functions.

  • RS485, RS485, GPRS monitoring mode optional.

  • Complete wind turbine yaw control system

  • Cover protection class: IP65, suitable for outdoor installation