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German landscape bidding cold, can only raise electricity prices!

Release time:2023-01-29   Click:83

    Abstract from European offshore wind

     Recently, the bidding results of the last landscape project in Germany in 2022 were released, and only 203MW wind power and 128MW rooftop PV were favored by developers.

    The German federal government released 604MW of wind power and 202MW of photovoltaic projects, and as a result, the market demand for projects was lower than expected. In wind power, only 16 developers bid for 203MW projects; In terms of photovoltaics, only 128MW rooftop photovoltaics have found developers.

    It is worth mentioning that the average winning price of wind power is 58.70 euros/megawatt-hour (about RMB 0.4274 yuan/KWH), almost reaching the bidding limit of 58.88 euros/megawatt-hour (about RMB 0.4287 yuan/KWH); The same is true of rooftop PV, with an average winning price of 87.40 euros/megawatt-hour (about 0.6364 yuan/KWH), which is not much different from the ceiling price of 88.40 euros/megawatt-hour (about 0.6437 yuan/KWH).

    Analysts say this is mainly due to high inflation and rising interest rates, which have pushed up the cost of financing bids, and the apathy of the market to develop new projects.To this end, the German Federal Power Grid Agency (BNetzA) has decided that in the upcoming 2023 first tender, it will significantly increase the bidding ceiling price of wind power to 73.50 euros/megawatt-hour (about 0.5352 yuan/KWH). Rooftop PV is 112.50 euros/megawatt-hour (about 0.8192 yuan/KWH), an overall increase of about 25%.

    The German Wind Energy Federation (BWE) said that the total number of onshore wind tenders in 2022 was 4.6GW, and only 3.2GW ended up being awarded to developers, with the remaining 1.4GW flowing. For 2023, there will be a record 12.8GW of tendered capacity and it is important to give the market a competitive electricity price.

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