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Hebei ranks first in wind and light energy in China

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Abstract from Hebei Provincial People''s Government

    In the Bashang grassland of Zhangjiakou in winter, the setting sun Outlines the silhouette of a windmill, and the uniform photovoltaic panels converge into a blue "ocean". They stood there as if they were telling a romantic story.

    Recently, in the provincial key project - Zhangjiakou wind power photovoltaic comprehensive utilization (hydrogen production) demonstration project Kangbao County No. 2 plot, 800 tons of giant crawler crane brandishing more than 100 meters long arm, the huge fan impeller slowly lifted. 45 minutes later, the fan impeller and the main engine achieve perfect docking. This marks the successful completion of the lifting of the first 6.76 MW wind turbine in China.

    It can generate more than 6,700 degrees of electricity per hour, which is three times that of ordinary fans in the past, and is currently the largest onshore fan in China.

    As one of the regions with the most abundant wind and solar energy resources in North China, in recent years, Zhangjiakou has made full use of the local abundant wind and light energy, and strongly promoted the construction of national renewable energy demonstration zone, known as "the hometown of wind and the ocean of light".

    During the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games held at the beginning of this year, green electricity from the Zhangjiakou renewable energy Demonstration Zone took the "high speed" to support the capital and surrounding cities, achieving "100% green electricity supply for all venues" for the first time in Olympic history.

    "The wind of Zhangbei lights up the lamp of Beijing", making Hebei wind and light energy come to the fore. In recent years, our province based on the advantages of resources, the end of the energy "rice bowl", vigorously promote the development of new energy industry, in the development, transmission, storage, utilization of all aspects of the full force, accelerate the green transformation, continuous optimization of production structure, towards the direction of low-carbon, green and sustainable steady progress.

    New energy enterprises move, follow the light ——

    In Zhangjiakou, the construction of national renewable energy demonstration zone is speeding up, Huaneng, Datang, Huadian and other power generation enterprises have set up, and the installed capacity of renewable energy in the city has reached 25.05 million kilowatts.

    In Chengde, the Fengning pumped storage power station, known as the "super charging treasure", is in full flow with a cumulative power generation of about 410 million KWH, fully serving the North China power grid and serving the new energy consumption of the North Hebei power grid.

    Looking at the whole province, we will strive to build Zhangcheng million-kilowatt wind power base, Tangshan, Cangzhou, and Taihang Mountain photovoltaic power application base, and promote the intensive development and utilization of wind power in Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan and other places.

    Numbers are the best testimony. In 2022, the scale of newly arranged new energy projects in Hebei alone will be close to 50 million kilowatts, exceeding the total amount of newly installed capacity during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. As of the end of August, the province''s total installed capacity of 61.096 million kilowatts, ranking first in the country.

    The report of the 20th National Congress of the Party proposed to "further promote the energy revolution" and "accelerate the planning and construction of a new energy system", and the third plenary session of the tenth session of the Provincial Party Committee will also build a new energy province as one of the scenes of Chinese-style modernization in Hebei. It is expected that by 2025, the province''s renewable energy installed capacity will achieve "doubling", and the total scale will reach more than 114 million kilowatts.

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