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Beijing: Promote the integration of wind power photovoltaic development in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and encourage municipal management enterprises to actively invest in wind power and photovo

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Abstract from Polaries Wind Power Grid

    The North Star Wind Power Network learned that on June 28th, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission released the "Beijing Renewable Energy Alternative Action Plan (2023-2025)" and related interpretations.

    The plan mentions that by 2025, the proportion of renewable energy development and utilization in total energy consumption will reach more than 14.4%, and strive to reach more than 15%, and by 2030, the proportion will increase to about 25%.

    In order to promote the construction of renewable energy bases in the surrounding areas and promote the market-oriented application of green electricity, by 2025, the scale of external green electricity will strive to reach 30 billion KWH, accounting for about 21% of the total electricity consumption of the society; Implementation of the "Sunshine Park Project" and other six solar projects, innovative "+ photovoltaic" comprehensive application mode, by 2025, the city''s new photovoltaic power generation capacity of 1.9 million kilowatts; New heating projects give priority to the use of renewable energy heating, promote the "shallow ground source heat pump heating project" and other six heating projects, by 2025, the proportion of renewable energy heating strive to reach about 10%; Accelerate the innovation and application of hydrogen energy, and promote hydrogen energy to become a new path to expand the scale of renewable energy applications.

    The Plan also proposes development strategies such as implementing the refined development of renewable energy in the central urban area, constructing a national green development demonstration zone for urban sub centers, promoting the large-scale application of renewable energy in Pingyuan New City, accelerating the diversified development of renewable energy in ecological conservation areas, and creating a demonstration zone for the characteristic application of renewable energy sources. Adhere to the priority of renewable energy and smart integration applications, strengthen the collaborative control of regional energy systems, achieve distributed energy friendly consumption, and take the lead in promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of energy in key regions. By 2025, the proportion of renewable energy utilization in newly built key regions should not be less than 20% in principle.

    Accelerate the planning and construction of comprehensive energy infrastructure with renewable energy as the main focus in high-precision and cutting-edge industries, formulate and revise building renewable energy application standards and atlases, implement renewable energy substitution projects simultaneously in urban renewal and energy-saving and green transformation of public buildings, accelerate the implementation of green and low-carbon improvement projects in the transportation industry and decarbonization and renewal projects in transportation vehicles, and strengthen the review of renewable energy application in new and renovated (expanded) heating projects, Promote the construction of renewable energy peak shaving heat sources, strengthen the promotion of renewable energy in agriculture and rural areas, and take the lead in implementing renewable energy substitution for public institutions and municipal enterprises. By 2025, achieve a renewable energy utilization rate of no less than 20% for new industrial facilities, and strive to achieve a photovoltaic coverage rate of 50% for new public building roofs.

    According to the renewable energy resources and application potential in each district, the proportion of renewable Energy development development and utilization and the weight index of renewable energy power consumption responsibility in each district by 2025 have been calculated. As a guiding development goal in the near future, we will promote each district to accelerate the organization and implementation of renewable energy substitution actions in combination with regional development, and implement the goals and tasks with higher quality and more stringent requirements.

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