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Our independently developed "50KW wind power grid connected inverter" has achieved mass production

Release time:2024-01-26   Click:127

Warm congratulations to our company on the launch of our independently developed WWGIT series "50KW wind power grid connected inverter", which has been welcomed by consumers and has achieved mass production.

WWGIT500 is a wind power grid connected control inverter integrated machine with MPPT function. The equipment has a generous appearance and is easy to operate.

System architecture diagram:

Product images:


                            Host diagram                                                      Unloading box diagram


Wind power grid connected system, wind solar complementary grid connected system, distributed wind power grid connected system.


Grid connected inverter for wind power generation

Wide range input voltage

MPPT function for wind power generation, capable of setting power curves at 30 points

Comprehensive protection functions

High protection level IP65, suitable for outdoor use

Aluminum alloy shell design with strong corrosion resistance

Optional pitch and yaw functions, including yaw function with cable release function

Optional GPRS for remote computer monitoring or APP monitoring

Supports standard MODBUS RTU protocol

Over the past 20 years of technological accumulation, responsible for drafting national standards for controllers for small and medium-sized wind turbines