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Off Grid Household Wind/Solar Hybrid Power System

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Off grid household wind and solar hybrid power systems is a new energy power supply system that adopts small sized wind turbine generator and PV module.  With this system, our system could satisfy the basic requirements for no-electricity area as well as lower the carbon emission caused by fossil fuel. It plays great role in those are inconvenient areas without access to grid like border posts, small islands, village and field workstations etc..

System structure

Off grid hybrid power system foir husehold use


Small sized wind turbine generator and PV modules

Supply the basic power for no-electrical area, efficiently reduce carbon emission caused by fossil fuel

Supply power to those area without grid,like border posts, small islands, village, and field work stations


Hybrid controller with inverter integrated in one machine

  Wind &Solar hybrid controller and inverter integrated machine

  Integrated design of controller and inverter, compact structure, easy for maintenance

  •Power frequency toroidal transformer , high efficiency in inverting 

  •Pure sine wave output with strong loading capability

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 MWS Series

• Can be applied to grid-tied system, off-grid system and grid-tied energy storage system. 
• Several functions are optional, such as PV control function, wind speed measure function, rotational speed control function and temperature compensation function.
• RS232/RS485/RJ45/GPRS/Bluetooth/Zigbee optional. ( It can be monitored by app for those with GPRS/WIFI/Bluetooth/RJ45 connection) 

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   Single Phase Inverter

  •Intelligent module design,compact in structure,and powerful in function

  •Power frequency toroidal transformer , high efficiency in inverting with low loss

  •Single chip control circuit,flexible in control

  •Perfect protection and warning function with high stability

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System application

Household application of wind solar hybrid controller